The Contentious Tropicana Link

This subject is dear to the hearts of many residents especially those who live in Ara Damansara. There are many of us who felt we have been robbed. Why?

The three keywords in any property purchase is “Location, location, location” and accessibility being a key factor. If it is to their advantage, property developers will go all out to highlight it and ensure they are featured prominently in their glossy brochures.

Idaman map

This drawing is from Damansara Idaman Amania’s e-brochure. The 27 luxury garden bungalows are still under construction but will be ready soon. It is clear from the drawing there is a road going to Jalan Lapangan Terbang. If you had just bought a bungalow there and you are counting to use this road to reach your office in Shah Alam. Now, you are told this road will not be opened simply because someone doesn’t like the outcome of a macro traffic study conducted by a traffic consultant, what do you do? Do you sue the developer for misrepresentation?

Sime tropicana map

Here is another drawing from Sime Darby Property. There is a road leading to Tropicana. Is this also misrepresentation?

In both cases, no! Both developers know the road is there and it is in Petaling Jaya’s master plan.

Sime Darby Property has fulfilled her commitment by building the road until the border with Damansara Idaman since 2007. With the lifting of the injunction by Tropicana, the property developer for Damansara Idaman began to complete the other half.

Unfortunately, for her very selfish reasons, DIORA decided to file a new court injunction. The Ad Interim Injunction order that is currently in effect only prohibits the developer from doing construction works. It does not order the developer to put up barricades or close the road.

Therefore the recent actions by the developer from digging trenches, dumping gravel and most recently putting up concrete barricades are activities not sanctioned by the court order. Their actions are therefore illegal and more importantly, their highly irresponsible actions have endangered public safety.

Their actions is akin to a bunch of cowboys in a wild wild west country shooting from the hips and treating the residents here like Red Indians. We don’t have guns but we do have bows and arrows.

So where do we go from here?

We do not wish to see them resorting to more dirty tactics. Since the matter is with the courts, we will work towards a resolution through legal means.

Going down this legal path is an expensive option that will cost us tens of thousands. But we felt this is the right thing to do. We have our rights and will not be bullied. We hope you will come forward to support us financially when we start the donation campaign to collect funds for this legal battle. Our population today is about 15,000 and if only 10% support us, there are 1500 of you out there who can make a difference. It is estimated this legal exercise will cost us between RM60,000 to RM 80,000. That’s RM50 each.

Finally, we are very thankful several lawyers in our neighbourhood have come forward offering their advice and help. The Action Group is currently working with them on our next step. If we need to execute the donation drive, an announcement will be made at an appropriate time.

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18 comments to The Contentious Tropicana Link

  • titko

    Count me in please….

  • yw

    i dun mind to donate.. .count me in..

  • sulimc

    Support you all the way. Count me in for donation also.

  • nonsense1

    Will support!

  • llmmyy

    me too….future AD resident

  • kiwibey

    Fully Support! Count me in!

  • salago

    count me in. support all the way.

  • sd6

    count us in! start with a Signature campaign to gauge the numbers of willing donors?

  • martinlts

    I’m no lawyer but I do have RM50. I’m in.

  • martinlts

    Oops, sorry. I meant RM150. There are 3 ppl in my household who drives. Although we dont use the link much but we all agree it is the right thing to do.

  • TCK

    Count us in for signature and donation

  • Since a lawsuit on the developer and the people who file the injunction is on the way. Why not we claim back damages from these guys. Business losses, Personal Losses and Misc losses by means of class action lawsuit. This will teach these guys a lesson to go against the rakyat. I am very sure everyone here in ara damansara is affected with the deliberate closure and delay and sabotage of the road?

  • T-pot

    just wondering who these people are. they apparently hold a lot of sway over the developer and the pj council. in any case, yes i will contribute.

  • We need a lawyer not only experienced in this aspects of legal matter but who is also passionate about ensuring justice is served, who is willing to go all the way on this matter and not back away when faced with the big-boy lawyer in litigation. Seriously, if the fees is going to be in the region of RM60k to RM80k, what we don’t need is a lawyer who takes up the case and collects the fee’s on the onset which is basically facts & paper pushing and backs out due to insufficient fee. The said lawyer must be prepared to file for certificate of urgency on this matter due to public interests. Also must be street smart to ensure that once the injunction is lifted, no other party can file another injunction to prevent the said road to be completed.
    Oh yes… having said that, put me in for RM100 contribution for legal fees in this matter, being a resident of Ara Damansara.

  • Mona Seelan

    First of all, congratulations on a job well done so far, a job so selfless and for the benefit of all Ara Damansara residents. I cannot imagine how long it would take me to get to Bandar Utama/TTDI/Kota Damansara/Ikano/The Curve without the Tropicana Link especially during peak hour traffic. So, yes please do count me in, I’ll happily chip in to share the legal cost. Well done again!

  • Guys, can we get an update to the law firm that will represent this case? I am willing to chip in financially like everyone else in ara damansara. From the star news article, it seems TA is behind all this and we should get back our losses from the closed road. As we do run a business in NZX and i can say that this has caused our business to dip because they closed the road. Please don’t let this slide. Hit while the iron is hot.

  • Mei75

    I will definitely donate for this cause! Hope we can come to a solution asap

  • riz

    lawyers we need you to help our cause..lets show them we r serious in opening the link!

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