Citta Mall – My first impression


Since there is so much interests here on this neighbourhood mall, I decided to drop by last Sunday.

Turning off from Jalan PJU 1A/1, almost immediately, I had to make a quick decision. Should I go straight or make a right turn? I had earlier saw a small notice for delivery trucks. And the same sign is pointing right. Well, I wasn’t making any deliveries so the right decision had to be straight. Wrong! At the T-junction facing the school, I couldn’t turn right into the mall. It is a one-way street. I ended up making a detour via Jalan Lembah Subang. Problem #1: Lack of directions to the mall.

I have been to SS2 Mall but only several weeks later after the official opening. Other than the front row of shops, the complex proper is quite deserted. So I expected the same, more or less. Driving into the car park, I was a little surprised there were more cars than I expected. I bet most of them were there simply out of curiosity. After getting down from the car, the billboards by BBQ King immediately caught my attention. Next to it is Harvey Norman. Not bad for pre-opening advertising.

Walking into the mall, you kind of miss the “you are welcome” feeling. I know it is just a soft opening but first impression is important. Problem #2: the management need a more aggressive mall manager. The success or failure of a mall depends heavily on how a shopping mall is managed: from the parking rates, the mixed of tenants and programmes to attract the crowd.

There was a small stage, poorly lit. On one side was a sand art stall and on the other were two carts offering free candies and pop-corns. Usually, anything free would attract a long queue but no, there was no queue.

A very long walkalator takes you to first floor. The first plus point. This mall is certainly family friendly or at least the desire to be one. As expected, only very few shops have started operations, the rest are shuttered. If you are an avid reader, you may have found something here: a large collection of books on sale. The walkalator continues to second floor which is totally deserted.

I was looking for a bite and the only eatery is Pappa Rich on the ground floor. Being the first to operate has its risks but I think they didn’t regret that decision. The place was packed although it was already three-ish. I decided to give it a pass. As I drove out of the car park, my attention was caught by a sign that says “Free food and booze”. But there was a condition: you need to be dressed in black. For a moment, I wasn’t sure if it was an advertising gimmick or a catch. I didn’t bother.

Will I return? Yes but not until the key tenants are in. Perhaps after the grand opening, things will be very different. I hope so. This mall has good potential in the longer term. The Puncak condo’s next door is a reservoir of shoppers today. But again, not necessarily. NZX is a good example. On the other side, the land is already fenced up for the next project: a hotel with a convention center, an office block and a block of service apartments.

Whether this mall will flourish will depend on the management. They have to work very hard to get my attention as I am spolit for choices today: 1U, the Curve, Tropicana Mall, the Empire.

Now try to read the minds of the Ara Damansarians.

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23 comments to Citta Mall – My first impression

  • weng_60

    I went to check out after reading your post. Well, it’s a nice mall to hang around. I am afraid ther might not be sufficient parking lots in the future once it starts to operate fully.
    other than tht, I didnt feel welcomed! ther was this sand art somewhere nearby at the front entrance, it was written free, but when i got closer, there was a catch. it was written very small tht we need to present the receipts and it’s only valid on the day of purchase. There was any quee at all, then i wondered why cant these people give it for free; atleast the children could enjoy it right. And yeah, i saw the pop corn too, but the people were not at all friendly, i dare not go closer and even try to get one, as i am afraid ther might be a catch too!
    then at the 1st floor there was a book sale. the lighting at tht area was so bad tht i couldnt stand for long.
    Overall, it’s really nice to have this mall around, i hope harvey norman will open up soon, as i am a house furniture freak. I might go often.

  • CF

    The design of the mall is very different from others. Backsides facing all the main roads.

  • riz

    any new shops opened recently? Chilli’s or Harvey Norman?

  • bubblebob

    Chili’s will open in August

  • riz

    how s d progress? any new places opened thus far?

  • riz

    I want Chillis to open so I can watch d Msia vs Singapore game there!

  • riz

    when is Harvey norman gonna open its doors?

  • bubblebob

    Was told Mid of August,

    Anyway, heard that McDonald’s will be opening in Citta Mall!!!

  • riz

    Any other shops opened recently?…on my last visit saw Subway was there..also the anchor tenant (downstairs) does not do home delivery at this point in time…

  • michaelC

    is there any flea market at CITTA? gyro bowl in stores

  • ooice

    Copied from Citta Mall FB page:

    Citta Mall
    Hot news…hot news!! McDonalds’ is coming to CITTA….will be opening in October this year….so good news for all McD lovers!
    Like · · Yesterday at 11:50am · Privacy:

    Hi – Will Nandos be opening in CM?
    Like · · Yesterday at 9:01am · Privacy:

    Citta Mall Hi Hemala, not at this moment :)
    Yesterday at 9:06am · Like

  • riz

    went to Meatworks today…was good meal plus free parking rocks!
    hope they dont charge for parking too soon though..

  • riz

    Is d Harvey Norman Open to Public oredy?

  • martinlts

    Harvey has yet to open since my visit there two days ago. There is an eatery called Kay’s located on the 1st floor. Nice ambiance and the food is pretty good. Fusion concept. Price is in the mid-high range.

    Oh ya, chilli’s open already. pretty good biz.

  • cheesan

    nandos not opening. heard from a friend who work in nandos

  • riz

    saw McD will be located at the corner next to chawan..from the looks it might be with drive thru?

  • capt.foong

    OMG, this is bad faith man for all the tenants at Citta. Developer looking to take profits & chao!

    Citta Strip Mall up for sale
    The newly built Citta Strip Mall in Ara Damansara is said to have been launched for sale by its owners, according to a report by The Malaysia Business Times.
    “The vendor is already in talks with interested parties,” said a source.
    The open-air suburban shopping mall, which is 70 percent owned by SEB Asset Management and 30 percent by property developer Puncakdana Group, is looking at raking in between RM700 psf and RM800 psf.
    With its 424,467 sq ft of net lettable space, this means the mall canfetch approximately RM340 million.
    The mall was reportedly developed at a cost of around RM280 million.
    Allan Soo, Managing Director at CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) Malaysia, the marketing agent for the property, declined to either comment on or confirm the sale.
    The sale, which is expected to be completed by end-2011, would be the tenth transaction of a retail asset in Malaysia.
    Launched in April 2011, the Citta mall comprises three floors with basement level and rooftop that houses more than 800 car park bays. Its tenants include MBO cinema, Harvey Norman, Chili’s, Julia Gabriel, RakuZen, Pappa Rich and Anjappar Restaurant.

  • sulimc

    According to Citta Mall’s website, Harvey Norman is open and there is an opening offer too. Check out: http://www.citta.com.my/html/promotion_harveynorman.html


  • martinlts

    yeap, my mistake. harvey normal bas been opened since 9 Sept! quite a big one

  • riz

    they should hold it for longer as its value may appriciate higher once LRT completed..

  • bubblebob

    Got to know from a reliable sources that the potential new owner for Citta Mall is very reputable company and they are very experience when come to managing the malls. If the deal goes through it’s still a good thing for Citta Mall and Ara Damansara. Let’s see how it goes.

  • Qaseh

    I was just there last week. MCD and Subway just opened. Also Presto supermarket with prices reasonable,fresh vegetables and plenty of ice cream…Yummmyyyy…..
    But many other shops have not opened yet. MBO Cinemas will also be open by this December.
    Hopefully the management can promote more shopping complex due to the lack of visitors coming.
    Thank you.. ;-)

  • riz

    MBO to open at Citta this December 2011…is this confirmed anyone?

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