PPR Lembah Subang II finally fit for occupation


Source: the Star Sept 12

ALTHOUGH the People Housing Project (PPR) in Lembah Subang II was completed last year, theft and vandalism have left the flats unfit for occupation.

Housing and Local Government Ministry’s National Housing Department director-general Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan said repair work to the building had been completed just before the Hari Raya festivities.

“There is much repair work but these are rectified now and the Cerficate of Fitness (CF) has been issued by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) just before Raya,” said Abu Bakar.

“The PPR would be ready for occupation but we’ll first have to sit down with the state government and MBPJ on the selection process,” he said.

He added that this would take a month or two and the building would have to be occupied this year.

“We don’t want any further delays,” he added.

As for the building sitting on what was formerly a garbage site, Abu Bakar said this was no longer an issue and that the issuance of CF meant everything was declared safe. He said delays in the past were caused by technical problems and wiring.

A resident of Kelana Idaman, however, is upset with the MBPJ planning department for approving a project without a proper access road.

“I cannot imagine the kind of traffic congestion, pollution and other problems after the 2,000 tenants moved into the PPR.

“The situation now is bad and both MBPJ and the ministry have been unable to solve the traffic problem for the last three years.

MBPJ councillor-in-charge of the area Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainudin said he had learnt that the ministry wanted the council to maintain the PPR but the local authority had refused to accept responsibility.

“We have suggested that the units be sold and priority be given to those staying at Lembah Subang I.

“The MBPJ is already maintaining two PPRs — Lembah Subang I and Kota Damansara. So our stand is clear — for the ministry to sell the units instead,” said Khairul Anuar.

He declined to comment on the issuance of the CF. He said the MBPJ was also concerned about the traffic situation especially with Jalan 4F if the ministry decided to open the PPR.

“We have met many times with Kelana Idaman residents and told them about several proposals we are working on to improve the situation.

The PPR Lembah Subang II, located near the FAS tunnel that can lead into Ara Damansara, was built by the ministry at a cost of RM72.mil, consisting of five blocks with 13 floors each.

There are 1,580 units in total with four of the units for the disabled.

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4 comments to PPR Lembah Subang II finally fit for occupation

  • sulimc

    Looks like more traffic congestion ahead. Alternate routes need to be constructed as there is no way the current infrastructure can bear the additional load of another 1,508 households!


  • riz

    shouldn’t there be some kinda access road direct to Subang Airport from the flats to avoid bottleneck?..also now that CF approved..MBPJ need to seroiously look into widening Jalan PJU 1a/4a from single lane to 2 lane road…

  • leeyk

    the plan is there for a road to Jalan Lapangan Terbang but now that there are two opposing governments, nobody cares except some parties wanted to get some publicity and claim credit they are rakyat friendly. If you still don’t follow, PPR is a Fed govt project.

  • riz

    hope Ara Damansara community can raise awareness on the potential jam to MBBP to do the necessary… let our elected officials serve the people regardless of color, creed and political belief.. ;)

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