Tesco @ Ara Damansara

Proposed site of Tesco store

Proposed site of Tesco store

The nearest Tesco is at Mutiara Damansara which is some 10 kms away. Giant has two stores close to each other at Kelana Jaya and they are the nearest, distance wise provided you are not caught in the infamous LDP crawl. Carrefour also has two stores in the vicinity, at Subang Jaya and at Tropicana City Mall.

So Tesco is the odd man out and it is no surprise there is talk that they are coming to town. In fact, this is no new news as years ago, the speculation is there except that it was on then off and then on again and off… until no one is sure.

Well, the cat is now out of the bag!

Recently, a management team from Tesco had a meeting with the residents here. In the same meeting were representatives from Sime Darby Property, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs and the consultant firm, Mag Technical and Consultant Sdn Bhd.

Tesco wanted feedback from this community on her proposal to setup a store here. Fourteen representatives from nine resident associations, both formal and informal attended the meeting.

Traffic consultant, Mr Goh Bok Yen, was also invited to give his views on the impact of additional traffic to this neighbourhood.

There was a question and answer session where residents were encouraged to give their feedback. The residents had many questions from a very wide spectrum. The questions include “Will the store here be GBI (Green Building Index) rated?”, “How does Tesco handle disposal of organic material/refuse?”, “How do you handle pest control?”, “What is the energy consumption and source of power in the store?”, “What is the construction timeline?”, “How does Tesco propose to handle traffic congestion during festivities?” … and many more.

At the end of the meeting, the residents were asked if they are in favour of Tesco’s plans. It was an overwhelming 86% “Aye” with one “Nay”. One representative left early and did not vote.

So the plan is now set in motion. Just like it needs nine months for a new born, this won’t be overnight. Hopefully, by 2014, we can just walk across the street to do our marketing chores.

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37 comments to Tesco @ Ara Damansara

  • riz

    its a yay for me!

  • BraveHeart

    Oh No! No! Tesco, please don’t come to AD and make AD a ‘chap’ place. For AD Residents, it would not bode well for the property prices here as Tesco will attract a lot of Tom, Dick & Harry (myslef included) and jam up this place. AD should have developments that should attract high value shoppers and indirectly increase the standard of this place. Citta Mall is one good example as it is built with high earner as their target customers in mind.

  • capt.foong

    those who say NO to this are just plain STUP! yes i say it again plain STUP!
    Dats Y we humans have 5 or sometimes 6 fingers with different length, all not the same but it is important to single out these rejects!

  • riz

    let face it to get to hypermarket now u must cross LDP (Giant) or Federal Highway (Carrefour)..oe thing for sure those roads are jammed during rush hour…why not have Tesco in our area? a moderate sized one will do..

  • BraveHeart

    Ah Pek Foong. Please respect people’s opinion and keep your stupidity to yourself.
    It is a shame that you cannot accept people’e opinion. I have respects for you for some of the opinions
    that you have voiced out esp when you mentioned that that’s why God made gave us 5 fingers with different length (this is
    in one of the forum you wrote 1-2 years ago, therfore each one has different views. And what a U turn and what a shame!!

  • Roy

    Cool it lah Braveheart although it baffles me that there are individual(s) that cannot debate
    objectively on a simple topic. To express and label someone as STUP reflects more on that person.
    God bless you. Now I hope we can go back to the Tesco thingy. I don’t think anyone can stop Tesco from
    coming. Although I am not supportive due to crowd that it will attract, it does have benefits. Given a choice,
    I would prefer to jam up other residential areas and maintain AD as a serene place. However if it does come,
    hopefully it is a well planned one with ample parking.

  • bluedolphin

    i also prefer AD stay as a peaceful/quiet/moderate developed place rather than make it as crowded/jam/over developed place like Mutiara Damansara .

  • Cheng Y

    Fully agree. AD is known to be a well planned township with medium to high income earners. That is why Citta Mall
    tenants’ have in mind when they set up their businees there, that is to capture AD market and those from Saujana.
    The reason why AD terrace house is higher than BU is due to it’s serenity, away fron hustle bustle from city and yet
    a short distance away. That’s the Property Agent’s selling point. Which brings me to Roy’s point of better to jam up
    other residential areas and maintain own residential area peaceful. Otherwise we will end up like bluedolpin’s point ”
    Mutiara Damansara is crwoded/jam/over developed”. I just want to add on, want to come out from the house also jam, want to get
    back to the house also jam. Your house is just a recipient of carbon monoxide fumes!
    So, Tesco I hope you will not be in AD.

  • vivian

    Although I go Tesco from time to time to get my grocery, I still prefer AD to be a township with its serenity. A few upscale shoplots like those in Desa Park City will be ideal, actually Citta Mall is just as great tho need to drive a short dist. I hope those of us who protested in the various high density developments in AD will not support this project.

  • leeyk

    The proposed development is in the commercial zone of this township. Even if Tesco is not built there, the piece of land will be used for some other commercial buildings. I rather have a low density Tesco development than to build multiple high density office blocks cum service apartments there.

    Traffic can be a concern, that’s the reason why they brought along the traffic consultant to give a 3rd party view. Also, if you look at the road design at the commercial zone, traffic can be contained within the zone.

    For this township to flourish, we need developments and only developments that are sustainable. We do not need more eye-sores like the failed Platinum project. That’s the key reason why ADRG oppose the two high density developments at the residential side of this township.

  • BraveHeart

    Let hypothesise what these 2 can bring:

    A) Office Blocks/Service apartments (medium to high end)- white collar workers/executives/directors that have high purhcasing power. These people will then have high purchasing power to attract high end retail/business. Banks will then come to AD, a sign of it robust economy. Highly paid executive/owners of big business would want to live in AD making the demand of the limited propery AD offers high. Property prices will then up, up, up
    2) Tseco (the normal standard that we know)- loads and load of trucks with per’fumes’ (especially during the peaceful morning- you mean you don’t know??) to replenish grocerise in boots of hundreds of cars,the blue collar workers it will bring to AD, Mat Rempits etc. Safety would be compromised. Property price will then down ,down down.

    In short, whatever we build will have chain reaction that impacts many other aspects be it social or economic.
    Just look at Citta Mall and see the crowd it attracts. Tesco no doubt will attract the crowd that goes to Citta Mall + kampungites, ah pek, ah lian, bangl_, Ind_ etc.

  • Roy

    In the same breadth:

    1) Desa Park City will not have Tesco. If it does, it will equal Kepoing
    2) Bangsar will n0t have Tesco. If it does, it will equal Kampung Abdullah Hukum
    3) Bandar Sunway will not have Tesco. If it does, it will equal USJ.
    4) Mont’ Kiara will not have Tesco. If it does, it will equal Segambut.
    5) KLCC will not have Tesco. If it does, it will equal Setapak.
    5) AD will hope not to have Tesco. If it does, it will equal Kampung Subang.
    (no disrespects to all those areas mentioned, I just want to illustrate a point). That is the reason, the residents of Mutiara Damansara are quite frustrated with Tesco being located in the upmarket area. In fact it is a mismatch of all the developements there e.g. Curve, Royale Bintang Hotel (new one coming up next to Surian Tower- A caterogy office space where Nestle takes up 3 levels), Ikea, Ikano, luxury car showroom. MD residents never enjoy peace in thier neighbourhood. The only time is betweeen 11pm to 4am.

    Note that in any residential area, there are merit developments and demerit developments.
    Merit developments are like Private School, International School, Japanese School, Golf Course, Class A office unit like Oasis Damansara, Citta Mall etc. Demerit developments are industrial area, low cost neighbourhoods, certain category of places of worhsips. Hypermarkets are one of them.

  • Cheng Y

    I can’t agree more. On top of that, unless you are the type that need to go Tesco everyday, having a Tesco near you will be beneficial. However, it you are the type that purchase groceries at 1 go (1x/week), having to travel a distance to jam up
    other residential area is still worthwhile. Having said that some people do go to Tesco everyday esp to get free air cond, free play ground for kids, replensih their groceries for their warungs etc. Imagine the number of people jamming this area and the type of crowd it will bring. It is quite scary. An analogy would be having a sundry shop in a high end condominium. Yes, good points is it is convenient (so easy to get salted fist & ‘ham choi’) but the trade off is it will devalue the image of the condo.

    In this forum, it says that residents are consulted but strange that this news are unknown to majority. Hopefully the RA heads
    will take all these into consideration.

  • leeyk

    oh dear! do we have a man of many faces or a schizophrenia here?

  • bubblebob

    I agree with Lee that it will still be a commercial zone anyway. But if you looked at Scott Garden, the new mall in old Klang road where they have Tesco as the anchor tenant. The overall feel of the mall is still pretty good though it’s still new. Hope the one in AD turns out to be like that.

    Also, I did hear from Sime Darby previously that they intend to build a mall with Tesco as the anchor tenant. If they stick to their plan, I think it still can be well implemented. Let’s see how it goes.

  • alibakr

    i just can’t believe that ROY can come up with the idea “I would prefer to jam up other residential areas and maintain AD as a serene place”.. what a low class idea of you…no wonder lately we received lots of email form other poeple just because people like ROY exist ! if i have the power, ROY is the first to be in (censored) ! YOU ARE INCONSIDERATE…
    We sholud always care for others too for us to be respected in this serene AD community…
    Capt foong, i respect your idea… you are truth with your opinion.. not like certain quarters who should not be exist in the first place…
    Bubblebob, you are cool and hope you live longer…

  • reo4oreo

    I agree wholeheartedly with leeyk on his first comment “I rather have a low density Tesco development than to build multiple high density office blocks cum service apartments there”.

  • genghis_khan

    I personally think that some of the demands you guys asked are rather unrealistic, at the investor perspective I think that the right to vote should also be given to the every individual investors and working class people in AD. Due to the “right” to decide are heavily tilted to the residence of AD, this is due to the perception that investors and “outsiders” are parasites who come to destroy AD..it has made some of you to become rather unreasonable .. some of you want the convienience of a groceries but do not want the place to be crowded..standing at the investor’s shoes would I invest in such place if my target market is only 20K to 30k people? In a democratic society you cannot have the cake and eat it, such unreasonable rational can be seen in above comment by Braveheart, he/she has turned AD into a imaginery “elite community”, he do not want to see Ah pek, pakcik and makcik from kampung to come in AD.. is this realistics? What’s wrong with them coming to AD? AD belong to your grandfather?.. Tesco or no Tesco they still can come… what do you feel if one day you went to Bangsar and you are view indifferently because you come from “kampung” AD?

  • Roy

    Alibakr, please watch your words. This is a forum for free ideas and views. If you disagree it is fine and keep your low class manners to your self. Please don’t feel so insecure with people’s views. You will not be missed here.

  • SG Tan

    I think we should be inclusive and not exclusive in our view of how the place we live in should develop. There is nothing wrong having a shopping mall which benefits us all including aunties and pakciks who stay nearby. Rise of proprety price reflects growing wealth of the country which should be allowed to spread beyond those who are fortunate to have benefited from it first. Even if this means slower rise going forward, the benefit we are to reap from having a more equitable capitalistic system, I am sure is to far outweigh the “loss” it looks like we may incur.
    As wealth spreads, more will be created. We should oppose a very high density project because it inconvenience us all and violates laws. It is thus clear we should welcome it if it benefits us all and is legal.

  • BraveHeart

    Thanks Tan for bringing intellectual debate back in place. Whilst you air your views on inclusive with condition which is debatable(‘excluding’ high rise development)you deserve much respect as this forum gives people room for discussion/agree to disagree based on the facts and points they present. This is as opposed to some forumers who cannot accept others’ input and resort to name calling, “only I am right view” as though this forum belongs to their grandfather.

  • alibakr

    nothing personal against anyone but selected people views tend to be of schools kids view! wonder why you are born !

  • BraveHeart

    Nothing personal “but tend to be of schools kids view”, wonder why you are born!?” Nah!!

  • CF

    Just wondering what wrong with Ah Pek, Makcik and orang kampung? Most of us are originated from kampung, (or if not us, our parents may be originated from Kampung), while most of us are staying in a “high Class” area like ARA DAMANSARA, do remember our relatives and friends that are still staying in Kampung. If somebody is thinking that they are one class higher than others and have forgotten where they are originated, it would be a sad story.

  • ooice

    Totally agree with CF, AD is not owned by “high class” people only. We are staying in a country where majority of people is struggling with their daily life with low pay. We should not stereotype that they will bring only “trouble” because they are not as wealthy or educated than AD residents.
    As for Citta Mall, frankly speaking I don’t think most of the shops there, except some famous eateries, will survive in long run if it remains devout of crowds even during weekend. Any shopping center no matter is located in “high class” or “no class” area need sustainable shoppers to operate for long term. As why it didn’t attract enough shopper? Very obvious, the shops are selling items that its not affordable by most people. Just imagine a plate of Nasi Dagang at $10+, it’s not a cheap meal for majority of population in Klang Valley.

  • riz

    true..if we control the size of TESCO it wont be that bad…look at it this way..at least its not BINTANG that wants to open in AD…

  • _

    Braveheart. Off the topic, I would like to offer you some sincere advice – it would do your image wonders if you could stop changing people’s nicks into something of your liking. I think that is just plain rude and unbecoming of an educated person. Everyone has their own nicks so use them. Nobody changes your nick into something else, e.g. Unbraveheart or sissyheart (examples only – no intention to offend).

    You start off a comment changing Capt Foong’s nick into Ah Pek Foong. This way, you are bound to step on everyone’s toes even before you can present your arguments. When people get offended, you will never be able to knock your thoughts into them.

    So let’s all be gentlemen/ladies and act with humility and civility. Deal?

    Back to the topic. I have one question on this thread – much earlier there was all this disagreement over the high rise buildings next to Petronas where residents were concerned over the increase in traffic, people, density issues and what not. Doesn’t Tesco do exactly the same thing? So why are some people now singing a different tune? Just because Tesco brings them convenience and high-rise buildings don’t?

    I don’t get it.

  • BraveHeart

    You don’t even have a name. Don’t try to be too clever and starting to offer advice here and there.
    I wonder if you read the whole thread and look at the chronology of events before jumping into conclusion.
    Each one have thier own view and you have just voiced out a valid point- Tesco and high rise building and your view
    should be respected though not agreed. How about those who oppose to the building if high rise which is the right of land owner and developer? Again we must listen to both sides. Look we will not have 100% agreement for all topics, a good case in point is security fees.

    BTW, please read back the thread. What if I say “those who say NO to this are just plain STUP! yes i say it again plain STUP!”
    I am not directing at you, as you can see I am giving my views democratically. A rational person should be able
    to dispute my rationale, not attack me. Everything goes in a cycle esp developments which we can’t stop but we must be able
    to sit read and think about others’ views.

    Think about it and have a nice day. In fact I am quite malas to entertain all these already. Cheers.

  • genghis_khan

    Braveheart I agree with some of your points, like you i think Tesco will bring more benefit to the AD community than the other way around, however, I do not agree with you calling people names and etc.. you are contradicting yourself when you said people are allowed to have their own opinions but by calling them stupid for not agreeing with you is another matter … by being courteous and keeping the debate clean open the heart and mind to people who disagree with you..

  • reo4oreo

    Having Tesco here cannot be compared to having those high-rises and high density development due to the following reasons why Tesco is better IMO:
    1. Low rise – obvious; unblocked views of the sky & sunlight
    2. Low density – no multiple tall buildings contributing to thousands more inhabitants; not to mention cars parked on road shoulders
    3. Location – in commercial zone away from main residential areas with separate ingress and egress that channel traffic immediately
    from/to main roads that are wide without going through residential roads
    4. Non-residential – visitors are only temporal; no cars parked haphazardly on the road overnight
    5. Access to cheaper and greater varieties of groceries and food w/o having to travel far & wide
    6. Serves the community

  • BraveHeart

    Genghis, thanks for being more courteous this time without being too judgemental. However, please follow the thread and see
    who used this phrase “those who say NO to this are just plain STUP! yes i say it again plain STUP!”. Read again and again and see
    if I use the word “stupid”. I can forgive you for missing this but do yourself a favour. On another note, I understand everyone is busy but before we read selectively, please put in 110% effort to read carefully before trying to jump in criticize others and try to give advise.
    Reo, you have presented your points in a very systematic way and looks like you prefer to have a low density Tesco. Again to those who either agree/disagree on residential/Tesco/both, do you then need to label Reo if you disagree? Allow room for diversity please. Some food for thought.

  • leeyk

    Excellent summary. Let me add that this development will act as catalyst to prosperity to this township. Those empty shop lots with the for rent sign will be a thing of the past. So if you have some cash to burn, start buying some of those directly facing this development.

  • BraveHeart

    Can’t agree more. Hopefully those that have invested in the shop lots can recoup their losses. Either Tesco/other developments
    will provide that hope.

  • CF

    Talk about property price, many are happy because of the property price are up up up. But my friend is not really happy with this. He told me that he can only see the price moving up but he does not have a chance to taste the gain. He bought the house at 600,000, spent 100,000 for renovation and no doubt the price is 1,000,000 now, he said he is unable to realize the profit as this is the only house he has. Even he sells the house now, he can’t find a similar house elsewhere, needless to say he has to put another 100,000 to 200,000 to renovate the “new” house to a state that comfortable to his life style. Therefore, uptrend of house price will only benefit those who has more than one property and for investment. For those who live in, do look at the replacement cost or opportunity cost of your current house. Hearing that opinion my friend, I am actually more worry than happy on the uptrend of the property price. (看得到,吃不到)

  • leeyk

    There are ways to capitalize on this bubble. He can sell his house now and rent and hope he can buy a better house when the market is down. There are sacrifices to make so he has to decide what’s important to him.

  • Kelvintan968

    Hi, everybody, i am Kelvin. New user here, see you all comment regarding the Tesco Ara Damansara. I seen it from road side, about the construction very fast. Believed can be completed and start business beginning of 2014. I wonder where is the entrance and the exit for the mall? Does anybody know? theanks lot for your all professional opinion and info. ^0^

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