TESCO Ara Damansara

Now that the land is being cleared to build Tesco and its accompanying life-center, any idea when completion will be?  It doesn’t say so on the project board.

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3 comments to TESCO Ara Damansara

  • leeyk

    Expect Tesco to be up 1st half 2014, they can build in in 12 months.

  • riz

    wah…shoppimg ease for AD residents..will this increase value of our property here?
    sorry to ask but where exactly is the proposed TESCO location?

  • Kelvintan968

    Hi, everybody, i am Kelvin. New user here, see you all comment regarding the Tesco Ara Damansara. I seen it from road side, about the construction very fast. Believed can be completed and start business beginning of 2014. I wonder where is the entrance and the exit for the mall? Does anybody know? theanks lot for your all professional opinion and info. ^0^

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