Another snatch incident!

This bag was found at a grass patch along 1A/1. Its contents was emptied and strewn around it. It is obvious it’s the work of snatch thieves on wheels.

The strap was torn from one side and looking at the width of the strap, the force had to be strong. I hope the guy is not seriously hurt.

An ID card was also found with the name of Joey Wong.

He may be a resident here or maybe not.

If anyone knows him, please ask him to come forward to collect the bag.

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6 comments to Another snatch incident!

  • chong29

    There was an attempted bag snatching in front of E-San Thai restaurant this evening. The patrons were just leaving the restaurant when a local young man armed with a stick dashed at the lady (who was trying to get into the car) in the attempt to grab her hand bag.

    Fortunately the robber missed grabbing the bag and a foreign national security guard jumped to the rescue and chased after the robber who had an accomplice waiting in a motorbike.

    Residents please be careful when you walk along that road and do take notice of motorbikes passing by at that time of the night .

  • weng_60

    On 24 Dec 2013, morning, an old uncle was robbed off with axe on his neck, targeting his gold chain.
    Happened somewhere near the TOTO shop. He is a regular to the stationery shop beside it seems. On that particular day, after buying his newspaper, he went back to his car which was parked in front of TOTO shop. He sat inside the car n didn’t start the car maybe he waited to read his paper. A malay man on motorbike, age between 35-40 approached him on the pretext of asking if his car was having problem.
    The malay man opened the car door n when the uncle said everything is fine, he immediately put a small blunt axe on his neck. He used the axe by hitting on the chain (neck) but as it was too blunt, the chain didn’t gv away. Finally he pulled the chain hard n managed to get away with it.
    Uncle is fine it seems but neck was injured as was hit two times with the axe.
    Resource: From a resident.

  • weng_60

    One week ago, a lady was robbed by two teenage boys on motorbike.
    She was walking back from work, around 7pm from Tropicana, walking towards Ara Damansara, exact location is somewhere behind the KFC, petrol station facing the highway.
    (Police station is just less than 300 meter from there?)
    Two malay boys on motorbike, approached her n tried to snatch her handbag. She fought back, n managed to pull back her bag, but her purse which she kept at the side which has only a magnetic lock, fell off. They quickly grabbed it n sped off!

  • martinlts

    From KFC to Ara Damansara police station is abt 1km away. From Toto to Policestation maybe is 600m. KFC is nearer to Lagenda than to AD. Anyway, not a good idea to walk like that. Even if she is staying in Winchester, that’s still at least half a km walk. AD is labelled a Safe City but this is Malaysia, you have people throwing rubbish right at the “Do not litter” sign post.

    She is very plucky to fight back. She is also lucky to be unharmed.

  • weng_60

    I heard she usually drives, but on that particular day she decided to walk as her car was in the workshop. Yes, it was really a long walk, as she stays in Mutiara it seems. And the old uncle who got robbed earlier was her father. The family must be traumatised!

  • ad2000

    So it is now not safe to sit inside your car in the daytime without getting axed? With inflation kicking into high gear over the next couple of years and making people even more desperate I foresee many more birds coming home to roost.

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